The Unjammening

New and Improved!

Our latest update for Ouroboros is full of small Quality of Life fixes that we weren't able to get around to during the game jam.

These fixes and new features include:

  • New Linux and Mac builds!
  • Input fixes: player input was previously handled in an egregiously terrible way. I could blame the game jam but I really should have known better, and I am ashamed (ha ha -- *sobs*)
  • The snake the player is controlling in the current round now flashes during the "Get Ready!" prompt, making it a little easier to understand which snake you are controlling.
  • The game is much easier starting out -- the snake starts at a slower speed, which will increase with time.
  • The game now uses some modules from a well-tested library to manage things like scene switching, rather than its own hurried implementation.

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Version 1 Mar 17, 2019 30 MB
Version 1 Mar 17, 2019 33 MB
Version 1 Mar 17, 2019

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